An approach from body psychotherapy in Biosynthesis and andean cosmology.

The purpose of this work is to be able to look at the importance of the metaphor of the path of the heart from the approaches of Biosynthesis and Andean knowledge, we will see the importance for the personal development of the therapist as well as the possibilities that arise from there in the therapeutic encounter, that is, how a work of elaboration and integration of the psychological and energetic aspects of the therapist’s heart can be facilitators of a truly healing encounter. We will see the contribution of Andean wisdom, its cosmology, which shows us a path of understanding and connection of the various dimensions of being, and how that connection facilitates the encounter with our spiritual nature and our subsequent healing.

Uniting both models, it is possible to propose a development model in five stages, integration of the superior and inferior aspects of the being in the center of the heart, left-right integration, and backwards, we connect the intrapersonal axis and promote the encounter from the interpersonal axis, seeking a round trip meeting in a continuous flow between therapist and client entering into a deep human encounter.

Clinical psychologist, master in analytical psychology CG Jung.
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