The future is more than ever uncertain, we live in times of uncertainty, the consequences of COVID-19 and the consequences of extremist policies that currently prevail in several countries.

Uncertainty and the unknown have always “messed with our neurons”.
The world before the crisis was moving at an incredible speed “as if knowing everything”, with a certain certainty and ease.

We suddenly find that we don’t know what we thought we knew. This new discovery of our ignorance leaves us with a distressing, anxious, desperate, helpless, depressing psychic and emotional state. On the other hand, it is apparently opening possibilities for us to discover, either in our “isolation” or together, what we can do together in solidarity and cooperation based on the discovery of new paths, possibilities and especially values.

The question of how we can respond to the uncertain and the unknown is the question that does not go away. Saying more: how to be face to face with separation, abandonment, death and suffocation. Are these always negative?

To tolerate this unknown and this uncertainty that cause so much panic in a society that was used to knowing, what would be the consequences and psychotherapeutic, neuro-psychological, systemic, environmental, ecological proposals for us humans in the world we live in?

Psychotherapist and international teacher. Doctor in Communication and Semiotics.
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