THE HUMAN POSTURE, from the threshold of the skin to a multisensory integration, perception, emotion and cognition

In this presentation I am going to present the skin as a work space in psychotherapy, as a storyteller, of the body-mind of which it is the habitus.

Therefore, full of cryptic graphics, interwoven between tissue tensions, spasms of fear or pleasure, longings and lacks and caresses, forming a unipersonal, but possibly also transpersonal warp.

The metaphor would come to be the skin, which is a living parchment of a story that is born chronologically before the individual herself, and in which various dermographisms will be added encrypted in its plot by the successive chapters of a life reflected in it.

We are going to deal with the “crystallization of feeling”, these are stories anchored in a time and space finally as unreal in the now as the dream aspects or the projective thoughts towards the future, but which appear subtly crystallized in a hurtful way, in the plot of what we conceptualize as the past, disturbing the integrity of the whole and the perceptions of the person.

The skin is the mirror of our mental and emotional state, its alterations or changes are usually expressed in a parallel way, either by changes in its smoothness, brightness, color, or in a more pathological and symptomatic way.

Tactile, visual, auditory, taste stimuli, etc., seem to activate similar brain circuits, which would corraborate the theory of a common supramodal cerebral mapping independent of the perceptual system from which they come, associated with tonic-perceptual-cognitive processes.

The skin confluence of exteriority and interiority, both called to merge. I am going to present it along with some of the other senses as well, as the surface of a continuum.

Posturologist. Podoposturologist. Gestalic and humanistic psychotherapist.
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