PSYCHOTHERAPY: Grammar and Syntax.

In a book from the 1980s, Psychotherapy: Grammar and Syntax, published in Spanish by Paidós, I discussed the possibility and the need to consider the knowledge and practice of psychotherapy from a holistic perspective. In this Congress, it is beautiful and stimulating for me, to underline the foundation of this conviction: the human being realizes himself in the set of relationships that he establishes with the world and with other people and needs help. I am the human being who is lost when is overwhelmed by the violence of interpersonal and social conditioning, and by the complex tangle of its ever-changing relationships. Obviously, humanism, from this point of view, is the work of those who build a relationship with another being, which helps them to rethink their internal world and reorganize, as far as possible, their external world. Helping him to realize her full potential when he frees him from the conditions, remote and current, that prevent him from being completely himself.

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