Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy is the first original model of psychotherapy created in our country, within the framework of the Humanistic Psychology Movement. A model of psychotherapy cannot be limited to being a mere collection of intervention procedures or therapeutic techniques. The term “model” also implies being aware of the theoretical assumptions involved. We do not consider enough a conviction about its therapeutic efficacy. This presentation aims to show that, in Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy, we want to be aware of the theoretical assumptions involved on:

  1. The holistic concept of personality.
  2. The psychological processes –sensory, affective, cognitive, evaluative, decision-making, etc.
  3. The goals of psychotherapy.
  4. The relevance of a successful therapeutic relationship.
  5. The difference between therapeutic strategies and techniques, with the involvement of the three ways: verbal, imaginary and psycho-corporeal.

But of all these theoretical and technical contents involved, in Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy, we want to be aware of what contributions from other models we consider acceptable to integrate into the PIH, and which are innovative and original contents of the PIH. It may even be considered an innovation to try to be aware not only of our original contributions but also of those that we have collected from authors of other models. A brief information on five other topics will also be offered: a) the importance we give to the healthy cultivation of ethical values as a way of deepening the personal psychological growth; b) the interest in the knowledge of psychopathology and psychotherapy of transpersonal tendencies; c) the awareness of the anthropological-philosophical and epistemological framework of the PIH; d) the convenience of taking into account a new paradigm for scientific research as a complement to conventional ones, e) and finally, the possibility of investigating the philosophical background of our model.

He has a PhD in Psychology (Bachelor of Philosophy and Psychology). Clinical psychologist.
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