SUPPORTING SUSTAINABLE CHANGE: through widening ourselves to include hypo-states.

Change-processes are an essential element in psychotherapy – we reach for the possibility for changing patterns founded in our past and with that gaining access to more of our life-energy.

One aspect is to open up new possibilities – another is how we sustain the change. In my own therapeutic history the latter has been the most challenging – often leaving me with the frustrating and sometimes shameful experience of loosing access to new aspects of me that had just opened up. Through sharing this with others, I learned that experiences like mine are quite common apparently.

Hypo-arousal in the ANS and hypo-response in muscles are often hidden components in our coping strategies – both the trauma-related ones and the everyday personality strategies. Hypo-states tend to go invisible. Including the understanding of hypo-states and developing practical methods for modifying them has shown to be an effective way to sustain change – and to grasp what happens when we loose resources instead of integrating them.

Low dosed muscle-activation is a pathway to awaken hypo-response in the muscle-system– and with that gain access to psychomotor-impulses and emotions in a dosage that is integratable – which builds up capacity to be able to approach and integrate states of collapse (hypo-arousal). In my presentation I will demonstrate this method by guiding participants into experiential muscle-activation – and introducing the dosing principle.

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