Currently the body psychotherapist needs to know how to bridge with the latest research in neuroscience.

The importance of the psychodynamic understanding of the human being as well as of the choreography between the three brains; reptilian, limbic and neocortex is essential to be able to understand and act in depth in matters of trauma, be it shock or developmental.

Including bodily sensations, as language of the Repilian brain, emotions as language of the limbic brain, and sense or meaning as language of the neocortex, allows us to be much more efficient co-authors in the process of repairing the “drama” effect of trauma in the human being.

This inclusion and dynamization is a possibility, both for the client and for the psychotherapist, the “state” of the psychotherapist will be able to create that safe and healthy uterus, which will enable the creative and regenerative process of both.

It is in this process of increasing the agility of our nervous system, that the true transformation can take place, from the corporal to the transpersonal, including the repair of disease processes, epigenetic alterations, psycho-affective regulation and consequently more vitality and connection with pleasure. to live.

Clinical psychologist, health specialist and CPSB director.
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