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The meaning of life consists only in the very act of living.


Psychotherapist, supervisor, artist and writer
He has a PhD in Psychology (Bachelor of Philosophy and Psychology). Clinical psychologist.
PhD in Psychology. Health psychologist. Individual and group psychotherapist.
Body psychotherapist, international trainer and director of the São Paulo Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis and the Brazilian Institute of Biosynthesis.
Psychomotor trainer and founder of Relational Trauma Therapy
Professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona (UB)
Graduate in Psychology, psychotherapist and trainer.
Professor of psychology and psychotherapy.
Posturologist. Podoposturologist. Gestalic and humanistic psychotherapist.
Doctor of Psychology, psychotherapist and instructor of mindfulness trainer.
Clinical psychologist, health specialist and CPSB director.
Clinical psychologist, doctor in Medicine and Health.
Clinical Psychologist-Psychotherapist. Doctor Honoris Causa in Gestalt Therapy from the Gestalt University of Mexico
Humanistic psychologist and psychotherapist.
Psychologist specialized in Emotional Intelligence and Psychotherapy.
Psychotherapist. Founder of Formative Embodiment
Psychotherapist and international teacher. Doctor in Communication and Semiotics.
Clinical psychologist, master in analytical psychology CG Jung.
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