Alejandro Olea

Alejandro Olea, is a clinical psychologist, magister in analytical psychology CG Jung (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez). Trained in Reichian vegetable therapy and in body psychotherapy in Biosynthesis IIBS, Heiden Switzerland. David Boadella and Sylvia Boadella.

University professor in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for more than 20 years at various universities in Chile. Visiting professor at Biosynthesis centers Lisbon, Barcelona and the Basque Country, Senior Trainer in Biosynthesis IIBS Switzerland.

Director of the body psychotherapy center in Biosynthesis in Santiago de Chile, private practice in body psychotherapy for more than 20 years.

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    26 November 2020
    An approach from body psychotherapy in Biosynthesis and andean cosmology. The purpose of this work is to be able to look at the importance of the metaphor of the path of the heart from the approaches of Biosynthesis and Andean...