David Alvear

David Alvear, is a Doctor of Psychology from the University of the Basque Country and works as a professor at the same university. At the same time, for the last eighteen years I have developed a career both as a psychotherapist and as a trainer of trainers in mindfulness.

Currently, I am dedicated to researching and teaching different meditative and contemplative practices and their integration with positive psychology. The result of this is the EBC Program (Wellness training based on contemplative practices). I collaborate in several trainings and postgraduate courses teaching this proposal that we call positive contemplative psychology.

Director of Kontenpla IPCC (Institute of Psychology and Contemplative Sciences of Donostia).

Kontenpla IPCC (Instituto de Psicología y Ciencias Contemplativas de Donostia).


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27 November 2020
The objective of this communication is to present the latest scientific advances on the effectiveness of meditation and other contemplative practices to increase well-being in different areas. The EBC Program and the model proposed by Positive Contemplative Psychology will be...