Dr. Jim Feil, MA, DC, has over 45 years in the study, practice and teaching of energetic and somatic therapeutic practices.  His first career was as teacher of English and American Literature.  He received an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, and taught at various universities until he changed professions in 1970.

He began his new career by studying with the founder of Polarity Therapy, Dr. Randolph Stone in 1970, and went on to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in California in 1986.  He began studying Formative Psychology with Stanley Keleman in 1981, and continued attending his seminars regularly until his passing in 2018.

He has studied and taught Craniosacral Biodynamics (with Franklyn Sills), and Pre and Perinatal Therapy among other methodologies.  He works with adults using verbal and body-oriented techniques, specializing in formative and somatic methodologies, particularly Formative Psychology, and focusing on a range of organic, psychological, and relational issues.

His work directs itself at helping individuals form themselves to effectively and competently respond to life transitions, challenges, crises, and opportunities.

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    26 November 2020
    Boundaries are one of the primary elements that enable life as we know it.  Boundaries function first to build an inner world separate from the outer, and then to allow exchange between them, as in the cell membrane.  They allow...