Liana Rodrigues Netto

Liana R. Netto, is clinical psychologist, PhD in Medicine and Health (Federal University of Bahia). Internationally teaches and supervises courses of her authorship, and Somatic Experiencing TM, developing a dialogue between symbolic, somatic, and neuroscience approaches. Professor at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy in Biosynthesis (Portugal and Spain), at the Jungian Institute of Bahia / Bahian School of Medicine, where she also coordinates the Postgraduate Course in Psychotraumatology. Co-founder and coordinator of the Social Project ‘Desenvolve’ which, since 2011, provides free psychotherapeutic care for trauma victims in the vulnerable population of Salvador-Bahía (Brazil). Author of 2 books: “Psychotherapeutic practices and resilience” (2013) and “Extended dialogues with Somatic Experience” (2015), both by editorial Scortecci.

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25 November 2020
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