Maria Beltrán Ortega

Colegiada 14.190 por el COPC

Psychologist and psychotherapist.

Master’s degree in Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy from the Erich Fromm Institute.

Master’s degree in Biosynthesis from the CPSB.

Practitioner in NLP by the Institut Gestalt of Barcelona.

Dance therapy training (UB Les Heures).

Postgraduate degree in Somatic and Epigenetic Psychotherapy.

Professor of the master’s Degree in Posturology at the UB. Coordinator of the area of body psychotherapy.

Professor of the Master’s Degree in Psicoterapia Integradora Humanista del Instituto Erich Fromm.

Coordinator of the Human Body Integrative Psychotherapy postgraduate course.

Coordinator of the Humanistic Integrative Child Psychotherapy postgraduate course.

Coordinator of the Somato-sensory Psychotherapy postgraduate course.

Centre Besai director and member of the Erich Fromm Institute.

Supervisor and recognized therapist by the FEAP.

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25 November 2020
In the framework of considering the person as unique and unrepeatable, the aim is to study and delve into the personal style of approaching experience from different realities. From the most primary, which bring us closer to the beginning of...