Nathalie P. Lizeretti

Dr. Nathalie P. Lizeretti is a specialist psychologist in Emotional Intelligence and Psychotherapy. Director of the Center for Research, Training, and Development of Emotional Intelligence (CIDIE) of the Ramón Rosal Cortés Private Foundation dedicated to psychotherapy, research, and teaching.

Coordinator of the Master’s degree in Emotional Intelligence in the Social and Health fields as well as the Master’s degree in Therapy based on Emotional Intelligence. Coordinator of the Working Group on Emotional Intelligence of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia.

Author of numerous articles on Emotional Intelligence in the field of clinical psychology, published in prestigious national and international journals and on Emotional Intelligence-based Therapy (TIE).

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26 November 2020
Therapy based on Emotional Intelligence (TIE; Lizeretti, 2012) is a humanistic therapy that arises from the motivation to contribute, demonstrate, and spread the efficacy of the interventions that are developed under this perspective. Its main objective is the development of...