Snežana Milenković

Snežana Milenković, distinguished Professor of Psychology and Psychotherapy,  Universidad de Novi Sad, received her MA in psychology (1981) and doctorate in medicine in (1992) from Belgrado University.

She has devoted her professional career to the teaching, practice, and research in psychotherapy.

Prof. Milenković is the author and co-author of about 200 scientific articles published in the country and abroad and three books including: Values in Contemporary Psychotherapy (1997), Psychotherapy and Spirituality (2002), Soul Thinks in Images: Integrative Art Psychotherapy (2017), and two more in preparation: Book of Silence – Phenomenology of Silence, and Integrative Art Psychotherapy in Practice.

She is a member of numerous professional organizations including the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) and a fellow of the Serbian Psychological Association.

Prof. Milenković is a co-founder, ex-president (1997-2009) and now Honorary President of the Serbian Union of Associations for Psychotherapy (SUAP), regular member of the EAP.

She is a co-founder and president of the Serbian Society for Integrative Art Psychotherapy (1999-present).

Since the nineties prof. Milenković has been conducting organized education in Integrative Art Psychotherapy. Within the framework of the education, she also conducts International Summer schools, Workshops, Seminars and Public Speeches. In addition to this, she participated in a number of internationally funded projects involving traumatized people (elderly, juvenile as well as homeless children and patients affected by Hashimoto’s disease and other clinical conditions).

Her current focus is on founding the International Center of Integral Psychotherapy (combining Integral Psychology, Integral Medicine and Integral Psychotherapy) dedicated to the integral humankind health (body, soul, & spirit).

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